The Author

David Chester is an accomplished composer, producer/screenwriter, pianist, and voice actor from Los Angeles who has called Tokyo home since 1993. At various times throughout his “freelancing in Tokyo” experience he has been a journalist, French chef, tap-dancing priest (!), wedding celebrant, English instructor, a cappella singer, director, and copywriter, as well as appearing as an actor in Japanese TV commercials (it's almost a rite of passage for a freelancer in Tokyo!).

David has also provided character voices for game software by Sega and Namco, and his English-language versions of Japanese pop hits have been recorded by such artists as Richard Marx and Roberta Flack. Most importantly, he has survived all of the above and distilled the whole kit and caboodle into Freelancing in Tokyo… A Unique Guide to Achieving Financial Success in Japan's Most Expensive City — so that you can reap the benefits.