There is so much I wish I had known when I first came to Tokyo. Of course, part of my adventure was learning those things. But there were times when frustration, not adventure, seemed a better word for what I was going through. During those hair-pulling moments (and I don’t have much to pull!), I wish I had had a more experienced been-there, done-that expatriate to turn to.

Now I have become that experienced expatriate, and I am here to help you. I can provide advice, tips and hints on:

  • Job search
  • Job counseling
  • How to make your meishi open doors
  • How to make a voice actor demo
  • Getting set up in Tokyo
  • How to teach an English lesson if you never have
  • Introductions to entertainment agents (for those who have examples of their work)
  • Where to find what you need to have a comfortable life in Japan
  • Much more

For this consultation I charge ¥5,000 per hour, which is slightly higher than the amount suggested in FIT for what to charge for a one-hour English lesson. The consultations can be held at a centrally located coffee shop within Tokyo (and after you read FIT you'll know what "centrally located" means). You cover the cost of my coffee, plus the hour fee, and I give you as much information as I can to address any of the above situations. If my advice helps lead you to a successful experience, I hope you will pay it forward someday for the next newbie who comes to Tokyo in search of fame and fortune.  

Please see the contact page or further information.