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Freelancing in Tokyo: Post-quake (or not)

Posted by David Chester on 15 April 2011

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Japanese Tea and Dessert
I felt like I needed to see a calming image, and what could be more gentle than two cups of green tea and a plate of kuzumochi?

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January 1, 2010

Posted by David Chester on 1 January 2010

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New Year's Day is the big holiday in Japan. It is one of the few days that, depending on the hour, you can find a peaceful moment to walk the streets of Tokyo, perhaps visit a temple (otera) and reflect on the year to come.

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Promoting yourself

Posted by David Chester on 4 December 2009

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Shinjuku Winter DayPart of being a successful FIT person is making sure others know about your abilities.

Case in point: Several years ago I met an American TV producer who has created successful projects about Japanese culture for the US/Japanese markets. I decided this was a relationship worth nurturing and made sure she was aware of my talents and willingness to help, if a situation should arise.

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Welcome to FIT!

Posted by David Chester on 3 December 2009

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Tokyo TowerWelcome to the FIT site! The journey of FIT from a simple email request from an acquaintance on how to find work in Tokyo to a full-fledged book was an arduous one, but extremely worthwhile. Also, the evolution of the FIT website has been an illuminating experience and I want to thank all the artists at Media Contour for the incredible job they've done and continue to do.  

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