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Freelancing in Tokyo: What it means to be an "extra"

Posted by David Chester on 14 May 2012

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I read this article about doing extra work in Japan and I felt as if I could have written it myself. Now, I would have never, ever agreed to do a job for ¥2500 (about US$30+) for a full day. But on the other hand, there may be people who had a day off and thought, "This might be fun! Getting to do a TV show in Japan!"

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Freelancing in Tokyo: Creating Community

Posted by David Chester on 24 January 2011

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Stone Lantern Good day, all.

I have a few thoughts to share with those of you who have joined the FIT experience. Last year I spent a lot of time trying to boost spirits, encourage, cheer people on, motivate; you get the picture. But it has occurred to me that that is not enough to help people who are attempting to create their own fantastic freelancing journey in Tokyo. What I think may be of more value is to tell you more real-life experiences, not just mine, but yours, if you care to share them. The idea is to help others and to make the life/work experience in Japan a deeply enriching one. 

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