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Posted by David Chester on 7 June 2017

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I was interviewed today for an upcoming (hopefully) review of FIT in Metropolis, one of Tokyo's oldest English-language weeklies (print, and now online). The interviewer had carefully prepared her questions and it was a great morning in which I was able to share what I thought was of value for those who continue to define themselves as freelancers in T-town. 

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Twenty-four years later...

Posted by David Chester on 2 April 2017

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I arrived in Tokyo on April 1, 1993. I was thrilled beyond belief. I had been to Japan twice before, once in 1988 when I was a musician on Royal Viking Cruises, again in 1989 as a pianist working at one of the last Playboy Clubs in the world (located in Roppongi). I had had a taste of the unusual, the bizarre, the beautiful, the strange, the enchanting... and more. I knew I wanted to return. 

I brought USD $8,000 with me, because I already knew that in order to "purchase a phone line" (that's what you had to do back then) and rent an apartment, I would have to shell out a lot of money. I did. I went through every conceivable emotion as I grappled with setting up my new life. Check them off the list: living in a 6 tatami-mat room and sleeping on a thin futon; struggling to get a visa sponsor; fighting homesickness; being shocked at the price of food; loving and hating everything at the same time; getting my own apartment (I was told that the landlord was "not a racist," so there wouldn't be any problem), and any other misadventure a gaijin could have. Finally, after about eight months of doing anything I could think of to make everything come together, I was "legally" in Japan and able to start my new life.

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FIT is what YOU make it

Posted by David Chester on 10 February 2017

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When I first created FIT, my idea is that a community of like-minded freelancers would contribute ideas, suggestions, websites and more to support a "community" that would meet on a monthly basis and help to expand opportunities for all. I worked very hard to create that and in the beginning it was fun. But as I was the one coordinating everything, it eventually became too much and/or I didn't see the interest that I had hoped I would. 

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Freelancing in Tokyo: You're unique. Work it!

Posted by David Chester on 8 January 2017

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This is my first blog post since August 2016. Long story short: I was very involved in my first love, screenwriting, and didn't have a spare minute to update this beloved site. Screenwriting continues to be my main focus, but I will do my best to return to FIT when I think there is something of value to share. 

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Freelancing in Tokyo: Why are you here?

Posted by David Chester on 1 August 2016

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"Why are you here?" This is a question that you may be asked during your FIT adventure. You may bristle at it, but it's a perfectly legitimate question, isn't it? If you came from another country, and you aren't here on holiday, then, really, why are you here? 

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