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Freelancing in Tokyo: Post-quake (or not)

Posted by David Chester on 15 April 2011

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Japanese Tea and Dessert
I felt like I needed to see a calming image, and what could be more gentle than two cups of green tea and a plate of kuzumochi?

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Freelancing in Tokyo: Bootstraps or Heelstraps: Pick Yourself Up

Posted by David Chester on 27 August 2010

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Jindai Park Flowers
For those of us roughing it out in Tokyo this summer, we've exchanged stories of how "tough" it is: Jobs being canceled, not enough work coming in, phones not ringing. Yes, it is true; things slow down in August in Japan as everyone flees the heat. But for those of you who braved it and who may be surviving by your wits, I say: Go a step farther.

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Freelancing in Tokyo: Do It Yourself

Posted by David Chester on 13 August 2010

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Japanese lakeMany of you have escaped Japan for the summer, and I cannot blame you. It's HOT. Although, this summer has held many surprises -- extra typhoons bringing in much needed rain and some powerful gusts of wind. Beautiful sunny days followed by remnants of June's rainy season. Like elsewhere in the world, the weather in Tokyo (and Japan) is unpredictable these days... and so, as most of you are experiencing, is the economy.

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Freelancing in Tokyo: Reinventing Yourself

Posted by David Chester on 21 July 2010

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Ginza after the rain Hello All!

I hope you are doing whatever you can to stay cool in Tokyo's "heat-island" summer.

When I began writing "Freelancing in Tokyo," there were signs that the Japanese economy was "slipping." The bounty of well-paying jobs for native-English speakers in Japan was very slowly becoming a dearth. However, I believed (and still do) that opportunities abound here for freelancers, which is why I decided to finish the book. Even at publication time, the number of foreigners coming to make a go of it in Tokyo was continuing to grow.

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