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Freelancing in Tokyo: Embrace The Day!

Posted by David Chester on 20 November 2011

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We are fast approaching the end of the year. Everything seems to be speeding up. I don't know if that's because we have built-in clocks telling us to get with the program or if it the sense of urgency has been created by advertising companies. My point is this:

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Freelancing in Tokyo: Support the Foreign Community

Posted by David Chester on 3 November 2011

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If you are a foreigner living and working in Tokyo (no matter whether you call yourself a gaijin, a gaikokujin, a foreigner, or a non-Japanese), you will most likely, at some point, feel a sense of isolation or loneliness or some great desire to connect with something comforting or familiar. The solution to this, in brief, is to connect to and support the foreign community.

There are any number of ways to do this, whether it be patronizing restaurants, enjoying performances, or participating in classes that are run by members of the foreign community. This is not to suggest that you therefore shut the door on your Japanese life. I encourage you to bring your Japanese spouses or friends with you to any of the aforementioned places. These are simple ways of expanding your network, making new friends, learning more about what's available to you in our incredible town and a way to stay connected, because, again, it's easy to become isolated here, and there's no good reason to allow that to happen. 

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Freelancing in Tokyo: Being Sick on a Sunday

Posted by David Chester on 21 June 2011

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Prism in the windowFor those in the foreign community in Tokyo who are not fluent in Japanese, it is important to remember that when it comes to health issues, we need to reach out and help each other.

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Freelancing in Tokyo: The Art of Self-Promotion

Posted by David Chester on 13 June 2011

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Stone Lantern-1Hello All,

I hope you are enjoying the rainy weather. I'm from California, so the rain is a treat for me. I also enjoy it because I know what's around the corner: hot, hotter and hottest. Get your cool-gel packs now!

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Freelancing in Tokyo: Getting Paid--Not!

Posted by David Chester on 8 June 2011

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Made in Dream

I have never done two blogs in one day, but I have to add to the one I posted earlier.

Hello, Japanese entertainment industry! You want to hire foreigners to appear in your commercials, your TV shows and your films (of course, only as extras or support people; never as stars). But for some reason, you (meaning agencies, agents, production companies, ad nauseam) do not feel any obligation to pay us within a realistic amount of time. Why is that? 

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Freelancing in Tokyo: Pay up, People!

Posted by David Chester on 7 June 2011

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Japanese moneyTo those who follow this blog:

I have made every effort to focus on upbeat, positive experiences working in Tokyo as a freelancer. But sometimes I must point out certain harsh realities, specifically related to getting paid by agencies that handle film/TV/voice actors. Those harsh realities include: Not being told how much or when you will get paid for a certain job, and having to send multiple "friendly" reminders to the agent to get them to tell you what they should have told you from the first moment.

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