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Freelancing in Tokyo: It's Up To You

Posted by David Chester on 10 December 2011

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FIT was written to help people find excellent freelance job opportunities in Tokyo, especially those that do not require specialized or technical skills. Since the 3/11 earthquake and all the insanity that has followed, I have questioned whether FIT continues to have value. That said, I can only share my truth: even now, three years after FIT was released, and after all that has transpired since the quake,  I continue to experience almost everything I wrote about on a daily basis. 

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Freelancing in Tokyo: Reflections

Posted by David Chester on 7 December 2011

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Fall in Tokyo 2011
Is it that time yet? I'm afraid it is. Another year is nearing an end. It's been a rough one for many of us, with the 3/11 earthquake defining almost every step we've taken since. For those of you who are in Tokyo, it may seem as if nothing at all happened. Everyone still seems to be rushing around, wrapped up in their own private worlds, jabbing at their phones, oblivious to all other realities except the glowing screen in front of their faces.

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