UPDATE: July 11, 2018

Summer is here, "in full swing," as they like to say in Japan. For anyone who is out there running themselves ragged, getting from one freelancing job to another, I know well how you feel. Keep cool (and keep YOUR cool), and you may find that those who can stick it out in the hottest months are rewarded with extra work (after all, those who can't stand the heat are out of town... somebody has to do their jobs!)

I will be available for consultations for the majority of July and August. If you purchase a digital or paperback copy of FIT on Amazon during July or August, and can provide a receipt, you can receive up to ¥1000/USD$10.00 off an hour consultation (normally ¥5000/$50.00), good for up to two months after purchase. I hope to hear from you!


Freelancing in Tokyo: Revised and Updated
 (available on Amazon, in both print and digital versions) was written to help people who either want to come to Tokyo and live/work for a while or who are already here and hoping to expand their horizons.

Despite the plethora of websites and Facebook pages and other resources, it is my humble opinion that the advice offered in FIT is still of great value. While many things have changed since I first wrote the book, many have remained the same -- mainly wages and job conditions. If you are looking for an enjoyable reference book written from personal experience, I hope you will consider making Freelancing in Tokyo: Revised and Updated (FIT) your new best friend. 

Thank you for your interest in FIT.

-David Chester