UPDATE: August 5, 2018

To those of you who are braving the heat in Tokyo this year, hats off to you! (On second thought, keep those hats on! We all need protection from the sun!)

As advertised on FIT's Facebook page, FIT is offering a 40% discount on a consultation for the month of August. So, the ¥5000/hour fee is reduced to ¥3000. Meetings can be set up in person if you are here in Tokyo, or online sessions are available via Skype/LINE/Facetime. If you wish an in-person meeting, I cab meet at coffeehouses near the Shinjuku area.

Payment must be made in cash and the cost of a tea/coffee must also be covered (but I'm a cheap date, so don't worry!). If you prefer an online session, payment can be made in USD via Paypal. 

I look forward to hearing from you!


Freelancing in Tokyo: Revised and Updated (available on Amazon, in both print and digital versions) was written to help people who either want to come to Tokyo and live/work for a while or who are already here and hoping to expand their horizons. If you are looking for an enjoyable reference book written from personal experience, I hope you will consider making Freelancing in Tokyo: Revised and Updated (FIT) your new best friend. 

Thank you for your interest in FIT.

-David Chester