UPDATE: September 3, 2018

Hello all, and thank you for visiting this page. 

After the success of last month's consultation campaign, I have decided that to make it convenient and affordable for all parties involved, consultations will now be online only, and the ¥5000 fee per hour has been dropped to ¥4000. Meetings can be set via Skype, LINE, Facetime or ZOOM. 

For those who are just checking in, the Helpful Websites page is chock full of sites to help you start your FIT adventure. 

Have an excellent September!


Freelancing in Tokyo: Revised and Updated (available on Amazon, in both print and digital versions) was written to help people who either want to come to Tokyo and live/work for a while or who are already here and hoping to expand their horizons. If you are looking for an enjoyable reference book written from personal experience, I hope you will consider making Freelancing in Tokyo: Revised and Updated (FIT) your new best friend. 

Thank you for your interest in FIT.

-David Chester