UPDATE: January 28, 2020

Hello all, and thank you for visiting this page. 

I made the decision last year to reduce the FIT website to a placeholder site, with a brief message and a contact page. Since I began FIT in 2009, a lot has changed, making most of the site unnecessary. It is regrettable, as FIT was a labor of love, but one must keep up with the times. 

As we embark on this new year, I notice that the majority of salaries for almost all the jobs I did (featured in the FIT book) remain exactly the same as they were 25 years ago. This is a sad comment on the state of the economy. As such, I certainly could not recommend that someone come to Japan to find their fortune. 

HOWEVER, you can still create your own magic world here, as I detail in FIT, if you're willing to make the effort. And one can make a living that one can be proud of. There are many hurdles, though, to overcome in Japan (visa, apartments, guarantors, and more) and so, one must keep that in mind. 

Tokyo still offers some unique opportunities to non-Japanese people, and you might be one of the lucky ones who connect and find doors flying open for you. I wish you all the best. 

FYI: The 3rd edition of FIT is now available on Amazon. It still contains all the wonderful info from the previous two versions, but it is slimmed down (and happier for it!). 

Consultations will continue for those interested. They are now all done online for the convenience of you and me, with the price dropped from ¥5000/hour to ¥4000/hour. Would love to hear from you and help you get started on your FIT adventure. 


Freelancing in Tokyo: Revised and Updated, 3rd Edition (available as an e-book on Amazon) was written to help people who either want to come to Tokyo and live/work for a while or who are already here and hoping to expand their horizons. If you are looking for an enjoyable reference book written from personal experience, I hope you will consider making Freelancing in Tokyo your new best friend. Thank you for your interest in FIT.

You can also touch base with FIT on Facebook and Twitter: at FIT Facebook page and the FIT Twitter page.

-David Chester