Freelancing in Tokyo


IMPORTANT NOTICE: September 7, 2014

Approximately a year ago I took FIT off the market. At the time I felt FIT had served its purpose and that the majority of what I had to say was either available elsewhere and/or people didn't really need the advice I was offering.

However, I have received numerous requests asking me to "resurrect" FIT. After serious thought, I have decided I will create a slightly scaled down e-book, which I hope to have available by February 2015. The gap between now and then is because, yes, I'm busy freelancing, so busy that I do not have time to stop and rewrite the book.

So, I will endeavor to have something fresh for you by that point in time. The good news is: Almost nothing has changed in the world of freelancing in Tokyo since I first published FIT in 2009. So, to my amazement, almost all the information I originally provided is still fairly up-to-date. 

At any rate, again, I deeply appreciate the letters of support and encouragement to bring FIT "out of retirement," so, I ask you to be patient and hopefully FIT will makes its "re-appearance" sooner than later. 

Thank you for your interest in FIT.

-David Chester